Our Family History

Howard Brown’s father, William L. Brown started his business with a wagon parked under a pecan tree selling only Elberta peaches back in 1966. Today, Howard, continues the tradition of farming and recently started his very own Produce Stand at a new location. Howard Brown Farms are operated by William L. Brown’s son, Howard Brown, and his son Witt Brown.

The Brown family has been farming for many generations. Howard Brown is a 5th generation farmer. His son Witt Brown makes the 6th generation of farmers in the Brown Family. Also active in the family business is Loren Brown (Howard’s wife), who is known as the Ambassador of the farm as she looks after the guests and visitors who come to see what we have to offer. Claudia Spradley (Howard’s granddaughter) can also be seen helping out at produce stand. Then there are the family dogs Molly and Tut Brown who always enjoy greeting customers.

Howard Brown Farms strives to serve the neighboring communities of Montezuma by providing farm fresh produce and high-quality gourmet food selections to local families.

What Makes Us Unique

We are a niche operation. Our fruits and vegetables are more tree ripe than vine ripe. It takes sun light to produce natural sugar and sugar boosts the flavor. We also grow many old fashioned varieties that you won’t see in big box grocery chains. These are grown because they are the best quality and taste.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality farm fresh produce from our farm to your family.

Our Promise

From Our Farm to Your Family. We promise to provide you a good selection of hard to find farm fresh varieties of produce and the best quality gourmet products.